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Law Firm SEO

Let’s start with this, we only perform sustainable white hat SEO here at ONE400. What does that mean? That means that we follow all industry best practices, we create great content that people want to read and share, and we spend all the time necessary to make sure that we work with publishers and webmasters to get client content featured and linked to whenever possible.

Our SEO work starts with a solid list of keywords that prospective clients will use to find you. We then get to work developing blog content, infographics, slide decks, and other pieces of media that will be used to promote your firm and improve your search rank position. We also do a lot of technical work behind the scenes to make sure your website is free of errors and is optimized for search engine bots to crawl. Most importantly, we protect your reputation by using copywriters who are licensed attorneys.


Intelligence on your practice & the search environment.


We optimize your website according to our SEO best practices.


Collect and analyze SEO data, then adjust accordingly.


We collect all necessary data from you so that we fully understand your practice and ideal client. We’ll also research the competitive landscape and use all of this information to formulate an SEO strategy that will get you the lead generating results you are looking for.


Fixing errors and improving content are core functions that we provide every SEO client. Because of our deep understanding of how legal services are acquired, we will use that experience to strategically place backlinks on the web and turn site visits into leads.


SEO is a constant process that necessitates ongoing maintenance that requires regular content generation and backlinks. We generate reports that show you keyword rankings, increases in website traffic, total number of leads, and calls so that you can track the return you are getting on your investment.

I make a significant return on my marketing spend monthly. Ranking #1 for foster care abuse terms brings in a steady flow of clients.


Andrew Ritholz

Andrew is a personal injury attorney Pasadena California. We know from speaking with him that foster care abuse cases were particularly lucrative for him. We did some research and found that there was low competition for this practice area locally. After a few short months of content generation, backlinking and optimization, we were able to get him the top position organically for “foster care abuse attorney” in his local area.

Law Firm SEO

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SEO and content can bring awareness to the successes you have achieved as well as qualified leads.
We develop a content marketing strategy for you and your firm so that we can start working on increasing your rankings for relevant keywords.


Control the Discussion About Your Firm Online.
For you, it’s less about search engine rankings and more about reputation monitoring and being found when searching for a partner at your firm. SEO can also be used to make sure that your subject matter expertise content is fully indexed and accessible by search engines.


When you are new, being found online can be tough.
Your competitors have been around for years or even decades. You are the fresh and new alternative that is better and faster – you just haven’t established brand equity yet. ONE400 can produce content, build backlinks, and help you get found online quickly and sustainably.


Dominate Keywords.
Prosecuting a class action case takes a long time (as does getting paid on those cases). To keep law firm cash flow positive between those large payouts, many firms handle catastrophic injury cases on a regular basis. Make sure people with serious injuries can find with ONE400 SEO.

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