Let ONE400 help you find plaintiffs.

Get your class reps fast. Reduce your acquisition cost on mass torts. Receive a steady flow of catastrophic injury cases. We’ve got you covered.

Class Action and Mass Tort Marketing.

We know how important it is having a well known name in the class action and mass tort field. In addition to creating a recognized brand for potential plaintiffs to find you, a recognized and experienced firm has the greater likelihood to be chosen as the lead firm in a given case. With consistent high quality marketing and advertising, your firm will become the trusted name that consumers and small businesses turn to when they’ve been wronged by a corporation or have suffered a catastrophic injury. ONE400 can help you create a sustained inbound marketing solution that allows you to decrease your lead acquisition costs, build a trusted brand with consumers and generate more cases.



Press Releases, Media Placement

You found a class rep for a potentially high profile case, but you want to build your database with others who have suffered the same harm. Media placement is a great way to be recognized for your work and to find others who have suffered similar harm. We have had much success in generating compelling press releases and pitching to journalist for coverage.


More calls, more relevant leads

Consumers don’t always search for a specific attorney. Most times, they’ll look for a legal solution to their problem by combining their issue with the word lawyer or attorney such as: IVC filter lawyer. Not being found for keywords related to cases you handle is costing you a lot of business and potential revenue. Let ONE400 help turn that around for you.


Get leads and reduce your acquisition cost

We are best known for launching campaigns in the fastest manner possible. Once you have a case theory, we develop a landing page, set up an adwords and social media campaign, and launch – sometimes within hours.


Responsive, Modern, Compelling, Professional

We help modernize the design of your website and make it friendly to search engines. We’ll also craft a brand story that resonates with your audience and showcases your knowledge, experience, and track record.

Own your client acquisition channels

Hands Drawing

Many of the firms that come to us do so because they are tired of paying lead generators high per lead costs or splitting fees with referral firms. While working with a lead generation company or referral firm may be a quick way to get a new firm started, in the long term the cost can be significant and ultimately do nothing for your brand as lead generators can raise prices on you at anytime.

Instead, your firm should invest that money in your own marketing efforts. Marketing under your own brand builds recognition of your firm’s capabilities and controls your cost. You’ll also build SEO and Social Media value which will lead to more organic (free) leads in the future. ONE400 can implement an integrated marketing strategy to help you reach your business goals.

Getting the Right Coverage

With our relationships in the media we have implemented a public relations strategy to help one of our class action firm clients, McCuneWright, LLP get the recognition they deserve from the L.A. Times.


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