Disrupting the Legal Industry

You’ve created a great technology that solves a huge pain in the legal industry but you can’t seem to grow fast enough. That can happen for a variety of reasons. Maybe it’s that consumers or lawyers don’t understand the product or your app could use some UX/UI help, or maybe you just aren’t marketing aggressively enough. The ONE400 team can work with you to see what needs to be optimized first, then recommend an aggressive strategy to help you grow quickly and minimize burn.



Google Adwords, Facebook, Remarketing, LinkedIn

With paid advertising, you can quickly acquire clients. Depending on whether your company is targeting consumers looking for lawyers, or lawyers themselves, we devise a paid advertising strategy that incorporates pay per click, social media, re-targeting, and even direct mail.


Responsive, Modern, Compelling, Professional

If you need to move your website from 1.0 to 2.0, need help crafting an optimized purchase path, or need to make your beta platform seem more intuitive, easy to grasp and engaging – we can help. We’ve helped several startups with various design needs and bring experience backed by data to your project.


Content, Blogs, E-books, Backlinks, Ranking, Keywords

We help you rank for keywords relevant to your practice with frequent blogging, social media posts, and quality links. While we are confident in our SEO chops, we will never overpromise. We make sure all clients have realistic expectations on what to expect after 3 months and 6 months.


Startup consulting, Fundraising, Sales strategy

As a founder, you’re busy developing your product, dealing with investors, and managing your team. The ONE400 team can be an extra set of hands especially when you need to speak with an experienced professional to get advice on things like marketing, product stickiness, sales strategy, and the business of law. We have consulted for many startups as well as established firms like McKinsey & Co.

Legal Discussion for JDs

Startup founder Andrea Woloski had a vision to create a private mentorship and legal discussion platform for lawyers. The idea was that lawyers, because of the nature of their work, needed a private place to ask questions of each other without worrying about clients or prospects having access to those discussions. She came to ONE400 for help in implementing her vision and after a few months, we helped develop her platform and bring her vision to market.

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