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Rebranding a Law Firm with 50 years of experience.

When Collins Collins Muir + Stewart came to ONE400, the firm had evolved beyond its website. What began in 1964 as a father-and-son operation with a specialization in architecture law had grown into a medium-sized firm with around sixty attorneys and a wide range of practice areas. It needed a web presence that reflected this scope and sophistication, but which also retained the brand equity built over decades of serving clients.

Legacy firms that are hanging onto dated design can miss opportunities to engage with potential clients. Collins Collins Muir + Stewart realized that if they wanted to generate more leads, then they needed to modernize their brand and their online presence. They understood that a new website and a rebrand would showcase their firm’s core values and capabilities to potential clients and competitors.


Create a Web Presence That Personifies a Law Firm

ONE400 sought to articulate a new brand identity and then design and execute a site around this vision. It’s easy to build an attractive website, but what sets our design work apart is the care we take in crafting a web presence that presents a firm’s particular identity to current and potential clients, as well as to the legal community as a whole. This begins well before we write the first line of code.

  • Creating a new logo mark that compliments the old (nod to the old)
  • Moving the firm into a more modern look and feel w/out overkill
  • Creating a Visual Consistency, Core messaging and Personality
Collins Collins Muir + Stewart’s website wasn’t taking advantage of web design best practices and was neglecting potential clients.
Old Logo and Website


Let Function Dictate Form

We started with the fundamentals. The primary function of a firm’s website is to introduce it to potential clients. What identity did CCM+S want to present? ONE400 developed a demographic and psychographic profile of the decision-makers the website needed to reach. Of course, every client is different. But as the firm’s focus is on litigation for small-to-midsize businesses (SMBs), we identified brand personality traits that conveyed experience and a record of success: Bold, Ready, Efficient, and Proven. We also wanted the website to reflect the firm’s accessibility, because SMBs want lawyers who will meet them at their level and be responsive to their concerns. With these guidelines in place, we got down to the nuts and bolts of designing the website.

Beyond introducing a firm to potential clients, a modern website needs to function as a marketing tool that helps to advance business goals.
– Intuitive navigation
– Mobile responsive design
– Optimized for a conversion


Smart. Clean. Effective.

First, we developed a new color scheme and logo. We chose a palette emphasizing electric blue, which has the psychological effect of suggesting trustworthiness and competence. For the logo, we started with the firm’s existing symbol, based on structural beams which reflected its original architecture-focused practice. How could we redevelop this logo while retaining the brand equity it embodied? After exploring a variety of different options, we devised a two-toned ‘plus sign’. This logo reflects the firm’s expansive expertise, while visually recalling the structural beams of the past.

We gave the site a sleek, modern look via photography showcasing CCM+S attorneys at work, in order to highlight the firm’s down-to-earth, person-to-person approach to serving clients. Our photographer worked with the attorneys at CCM+S offices to shoot a portfolio based on proven images from stock photos from which we chose the shots that best expressed the firm’s dynamism and energy.

Additionally, we revamped the look and content of the attorney directory and biographies– a crucial element of the website for attracting new clients. Our photographer shot portraits of each attorney, giving them an appealing, cohesive aesthetic. We rewrote the biographies in a uniform tone and structure, and created a tab-driven organizational scheme to better highlight each attorney’s credentials and accomplishments. We also created a search bar for the landing page, allowing the visitor to easily navigate to information about a specific attorney, or to search by location, practice area, or education.

Our complete redesign of the site gave CCM+S a consistent aesthetic and personality congruent with its core message. The firm now employs the visual elements we developed beyond its website– in the letterhead, business cards, and other materials that form its brand identity.

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ONE400 delivered us a website that embodies the sophistication and versatility of our law firm. It makes an instant impression on potential clients and competitors.
It used to be that a potential client had to do a lot of research before they really understood the caliber of our firm. Now when they see our site, they know that we mean business.
The Website that ONE400 created for us makes it easy for potential clients to learn about our firm and increases the likelihood that they will reach out to us.
Amazing value! ONE400 gave us a website that reflects the caliber or our law firm. Our site looks great across platforms and devices, and it’s easy for clients to find the information they need, so they can decide if they would like to speak with us. The site makes an immediate impression. Very happy with the results.

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