Many lawyers will fully admit that they went to law school because of TV shows, which led them to believe that they would be spending their days solving crimes and saving the world. Unfortunately, the life of a lawyer is far from what is depicted on television. A lawyer’s days are spent in cubicles, sifting through thousands of documents, reading legal decision after legal decision and drafting contracts.

Here are the 5 TV Shows that are responsible for increasing law school admissions for all the wrong reasons:

1) Ally McBeal

Ally McBeal

The main character, Ally, works with her ex-boyfriend, his new wife and a couple other attorneys with large egos and quirks. The bathroom scenes are epic and the office drama is almost too much to stomach. This show makes being a lawyer sound dramatic, enticing and fun.

2) Suits

suits made us want to be lawyers

The premise of this show is about a guy with a not so clean background who pretends to be a Harvard Law grad. The show does reveal how grueling the life of a corporate lawyer can be yet still manages to make you fantasize about wearing expensive suits, doing whatever it takes to win and striving to win every single case.

3) Boston Legalboston legal made us want to be lawyers

A spinoff of “The Practice,” this show was about the attorneys of Crane, Poole and Schmidt. Danny Crane, the rainmaker, makes even the weakest of us all feel inspired to become a high powered attorney that commands the attention of all around us.


4) Law & Order

law and order made us want to be lawyers

This is the show that most law students reminisce about watching with their eyes glued to the televisions. The best part of it is that each episode is based on one case. There is no running story line and minimal drama between the main characters, leaving most of the airtime to focus on the case itself.

5) Scandal

scandal made us want to be lawyers

Olivia Pope & Associates is a crisis management firm run by Olivia Pope, former White House Communications Director. The firm works to protect the reputations of politicians. Olivia Pope is powerful, opinionated, in demand and respected. She is envied by almost every woman and man that watches the show.

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