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In the practice of law, precedent must be used as a guide for subsequent similar circumstances. However when it comes to your business, innovation should be your guide.

What We Believe

At ONE400, we believe that everyday is an opportunity to innovate and be a part of the future of law. And while change typically happens slowly in the legal industry, we don’t believe that it should be that way when it comes to your practice or startup. In fact, every team member at ONE400 believes in bringing about positive change in every one of our projects.

We want to change the lives of our clients by helping them reach their business goals, change the way legal services are delivered by providing digital solutions for firms and startups and change the way legal services are acquired by consumers. Most importantly we believe that by partnering with entrepreneurial lawyers and techies, we can contribute to a world where technology and the law bring about better access to high quality legal services.

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