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Public Relations

We work with various publishers and platforms to help law firms and legal tech startups gain visibility and credibility. Our strategic messaging, content generation, and public speaking placement helps firms and startups reach their audience, generate buzz, and convey subject matter expertise. As you know, brands that are more recognizable gain more trust from businesses and consumers, which ultimately leads to more sales and retained clients.

Additionally, ONE400 can help you monitor your reputation and respond to potentially negative online discussions so that the brand that you have worked very hard to build does not fall victim to online trolls. Talk to us to learn more about how we can help you with your PR goals.


We look at your competitors and make you better.


From press releases to public interviews, we position your firm as the best.


Your business will grow and so will your reputation.


During the discovery phase, we will look for unique opportunities to position you ahead of the rest. Whatever your business goals are, we will create a customized press strategy to meet them. We have many media contacts and years of experience working with legal influencers.


Maybe you are opening a new office, adding a new partner, or filing a huge case. Whatever the big event is, we will help you share it with the largest and most relevant audience possible. We can draft press releases and send them out to news desks, or create engaging social campaigns to supplement your efforts.


We will continuously optimize our PR campaigns to meet the growing needs of your business. As your firm takes off, so will your reputation. We determine your most important services and make sure they get the coverage they need to flourish.

I needed press on a new Docket Alarm feature and knew ONE400 could help. They pushed out a press release, created social blasts, and sent out flyers to help promote my software.


Promoting A Class Action

We worked with a large class action firm to promote a case that they had filed against UCLA Health System. The goal of the campaign was to create awareness among the class of plaintiffs and to get the firm recognition for their great work in a reputable publication. The Los Angeles Times published the story with quotes from a partner at the firm.

Attorney Public Relations

Who We Help


Control the reputation of your solo law firm.
When you are a solo, a bad review can hinder your success. Sound public relations strategies can help weed out and push down negative reviews, replacing them with positive press and success stories.


With a lot of moving parts, PR can help big law firms stay consistent.
Brand image is a very important factor to the success of large law firms. Unfortunately, with so many decision-makers it can be hard to focus on a single brand message. Let us help you create targeted PR campaigns to promote your business.


Launch a new product with a bang.
Legal Tech is very competitive, and it’s hard for new products or companies to make a splash. Give your Legal Tech startup the edge by allowing ONE400 to generate good press for you and create custom launch campaigns. We can also bring life to stale products and help bring new customers to your company.


Show your class action to more potential plaintiffs.
Public relations is a great way to get the word out when looking for class reps. We look outside traditional marketing channels and press outlets, constantly on the look-out for opportunities and media that reach the types of plaintiffs you need. We don’t believe in one size fits all PR.

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