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Legal services as a commodity.

The legal industry has changed – be a part of its future.

Product Development

The legal industry has changed and many non-law firm owned entities are using software and other technologies to commoditize legal services. We work with law firms and non-law firm businesses to conceptualize, build, and implement new products. Whether you need help with exploring an idea, creating a go to marketing strategy, or building a software product, ONE400 can help you at every stage of your business.


Bring us an idea and we will get you an execution plan.


We build a prototype to test market demand.


Launch the product you’ve always dreamed of.


We have worked with a variety of clients including those that have existing products and need help with user experience, client acquisition, or conversion rate optimization. We have also worked with emerging entrepreneurs who have an idea and don’t know where to start. With over a decade of legal product development experience, we will listen to your needs and discover the best way to achieve your goals.


Whether it’s building actual software or fleshing out an idea. We can contribute to the development of your product at every stage in your product lifecycle. Additionally, we can develop marketing and business plans to help you grow quickly.


From marketing to PR, we will create a successful and buzzworthy launch for your new product. We will supplement your efforts with social media, blogging, and SEO to bring a healthy flow of consumers.

We had a vision to build a Worker’s Compensation calculator. ONE400 helped with design, development, and research – now we have a fully functional calculator, everyone loves it!


Palace Law

Palace Law practices exclusively in worker’s compensation out of Seattle Washington. He had an idea for creating a consumer facing work comp calculator that would help injured workers estimate the value of their case. We not only built the calculator but deployed it in such a that it creates leads for his firm 24 hours a day.

See it in action at

Workers Compensation Calculator

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Work more efficiently.
Product development isn’t just for big tech companies. We have worked with many small firms to help them develop software to work more efficiently, or generate leads in an automated fashion. That leaves you more time to practice and build your practice.


Cooley and Littler have started a trend.
The way people wish to acquire and consume legal services has changed. Software based legal services is now becoming a good way to establish and nurture relationships with emerging businesses.


A powerful ally for Legal Tech teams.
Legal Tech firms are all about software and product development, but don’t always have the means to build in-house. We work with several Legal Tech startups to help develop platforms. We have a strong emphasis and understanding of user experience and the legal industry, and know how to make products that work.


Software as marketing.
Online tools such as damage calculators and recall product search tools are a great way to establish your firm as a valued resource to consumers who may need your help. An investment in software as marketing can significantly reduce your long term advertising costs and drive traffic to your site quickly.

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