2015 was a great year here at ONE400. We saw strong growth in our client base and moved from a national presence to an international one servicing firms across 4 continents. Towards the end of the year, it was also very challenging for the existing team and we knew that we needed to expand our capacity. So that is exactly what we did. We’ve recently added several new growth and design hackers to the the ONE400 team. Here is some background on who these new remarkable people are:


image of Creative Director at ONE400 Ben DoolingBen Dooling, Creative Director.

Ben’s background is an interesting one. He brings substantial design experience both from working with various agencies but also as an entrepreneur having run his own boutique design agency, Dooling Creative. Ben is heading up branding, design and is the creative lead at ONE400. He is also a first time expecting dad. Send him a cigar if you will.




Picture of Adam Callahan the Sales Associate at ONE400Adam Callahan, Sales Associate.

Sure his title says Sales Associate but in practice, Adam is the Minister of get S**** (stuff) done. Also an entrepreneur, ved in China for 5 years where he started an edtech company that was later acquired. Wanting cleaner air but maintaining a desire for great Chinese cuisine Adam decided to move to Southern California where we met him and coerced him into joining the ONE400 team.



Kevin O'Connor SEO Specialist at ONE400Kevin O’Connor, SEO Specialist.

It was purely by the luck of the Irish that we were able to meet Kevin. We caught Kevin’s attention on LinkedIn (yes social media works) and talked him into interviewing with us. It was a swipe right moment (see that Tinder reference) and Kevin is now applying his growth hacking skills for the benefit of all of our SEO clients. See a firm ranking #1 for a valuable tier 1 keyword? It’s probably Kevin behind that.



We are very fortunate to have these gentlemen join the team as of late and their contributions have been fantastic. If you’d like to get a hold of any of them, give us a call at (626) 578-5040.

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