In another Law360 article, ONE400’s own co-founder, Allen Rodriguez, gave his thoughts on how technology hinders the modern attorney.  He goes over some of the most common hurdles lawyers face obtaining business in an increasingly digital world, and how to navigate them.  An excerpt of the post as well as a link to the article can be seen below.

6 Ways Technology Hobbles Attorney Efforts To Recruit Clients

With progress, attorneys have many new and robust ways to connect with new clients. Lawyers blog, have more sophisticated websites, and share news and information on social media.

But for the law profession as a whole, progress also has brought many new challenges, notes Allen Rodriguez, co-founder of the law marketing agency ONE400 and former director of attorney services at LegalZoom Inc.

“Many non-attorney-owned legal service businesses have aggregated information and created decision trees and other software that enable people to handle simple legal transactions at very low prices without attorneys,” Rodriguez says. “This, as well as a few other technologies, is having an impact on client acquisition.”

You can read the entire article here.

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