Marketing 2.0 might sounds like a bad sci-fi movie, but in reality it is the future of successful law firm marketing.  Marketing has undergone a big evolution with the rise of the digital age, and consumers are beginning to make more informed decisions when selecting an attorney.  Potential clients have access to your practice history, personal networks, reviews, and other information with one quick Google search.  Traditional marketing is no longer the bottom line for successful law firm marketing.

Traditional Marketing for Lawyers – A Plain Grilled Cheese
Marketing 2.0 for Lawyers

Traditional marketing is like a grilled cheese – easy enough to make, and tasty, but it’s not something you want to eat all the time.  This type of marketing is still applicable today, but doesn’t really help lawyers in competitive practice areas stand out from the herd.

Generally, traditional marketing can be separated into four categories:

  • Print: Printed materials such as newspaper or magazine advertisements.
  • Broadcast: Radio broadcast advertisements.
  • Direct Mail: Contacting potential business directly through email or print mail with sales pitch type materials.
  • Telephone: Cold calling on behalf of your law firm.

These types of marketing previously worked very well for attorneys, but are beginning to fall flat in today’s information world.  Gone are the days of tacky lawyer commercials that shout information at you like CALL NOW ( , and marketing 2.0 is replacing them.

Marketing 2.0 for Lawyers

Now that you know what traditional marketing is, it’s safe to say that marketing 2.0 is everything else you do to drive clients to your practice.  This can be through social media, other digital means, video marketing, or in person.  If traditional marketing is a grilled cheese, marketing 2.0 is a monster sandwich with all the fixin’s.

Marketing 2.0 for Lawyers

You should think of traditional marketing as shouting about your business from a rooftop (1 to many), and marketing 2.0 as having a conversation with potential business (1 to 1).  Marketing 2.0 is a two-way street, and tends to be much more effective because you are speaking with someone, not at them.  Here are some examples of marketing 2.0:

  • Twitter Ads: Advertisements on social media are a great way to generate buzz about your law firm, but you shouldn’t try and sell directly.  A good example of Twitter ads to get the conversation started would be featuring a blog you wrote about a current events post.  Users then share and comment on the post and drive traffic to your website – without you ever asking for a sale.  When your campaign is finished you can write a follow up post addressing some opinions you saw and tag the featured Twitter users. Be sure to tactfully include many call-to-action prompts on the blog to encourage users to give you their information.
  • Retargeting Facebook Ads: Did you know that you can target your Facebook ads to users who have already visited your website?  You may have noticed this on your own social profile – you visit a new website then later see an advertisement pop up for them on your Facebook feed.  This keeps your firm top of mind, and helps push a client to contact you, especially if they are comparing your firm against one of your competitors.
  • Guerrilla Marketing: Guerrilla marketing is marketing 2.0 on a budget.  Co-Founder, Allen Rodriguez, recently wrote an in-depth blog on guerrilla marketing for law firms.
  • Viral Marketing: GoPro is the master of viral marketing, and they are letting their customers do the work for them.  Users of GoPro share their epic videos online and GoPro promotes them – everything from wakeboarding to saving kittens.  While this might not be applicable to a law firm, sharing success stories of cases you have won as a series could be a good way to drive video hits.  Be sure to consult your state’s attorney advertising rules before starting any campaigns.

Regardless of how you decide to market your law firm, marketing 2.0 is here to stay.  If you want to beat out your competitors in creative, and innovative ways, we highly suggest you look into new forms of marketing.  If you need any help developing a complex marketing strategy, ONE400 is always available to help with your law firm marketing.

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