What is a legal hackathon?

It’s been some time since we last participated in a legal hackathon at ONE400 so we were really excited when we were approached by David Fisher and Aileen Schultz about being a co-organizer for the inaugural Global Legal Hackathon happening February 23rd through the 25th 2018.

By now, many of you already know what is a hackathon but for those that may need a bit of a refresher, here it is. Essentially a hackathon is a weekend event where developers, designers, entrepreneurs, subject matter experts, and in the case of a legal hackathon, lawyers. The idea is to form groups on the opening night of the event who in turn explore ways to create a product that solves a problem in the legal industry.  Typically day 1 of a hackathon involves a couple of discussions from subject matter experts related to the theme of event. Then participants can find teams on site or bring a team ready to compete. Soon after teams are formed it’s time to get to work ideating and planning an MVP that you will pitch to a panel of judges on Sunday.

Why you should really participate

With regards to the Global Legal Hackathon, there are essentially two buckets of solution finding that teams can take on. The first, is solving a problem in the private sector (say like a better client management tool for law firms) or something in the public sector (like a wage and hour bot that helps you understand your rights). Having mentored and participated as a judge at several of these hackathons I have seen some great ideas result in real solutions that have reached the market place. Even for those that don’t turn into real products, participating in a team with people from outside of your industry provides tremendous insight into how a layperson may see a particular problem differently (and maybe more productively) then the expert. Your participation in a legal hackathon will provide valuable insight into how others view the law and allow to see creative solutions that you can then apply to your own operations and better prepare for what the future of law begins. Don’t overthink it, register now and come and participate.

About the Global Legal Hackathon in Los Angeles

This year we are very fortunate to have a great team of participants for the Los Angeles Global Legal Hackathon event. The host location will be in the heart of Old Town Pasadena at the newly renovated SupplyFrame.com offices which includes it’s very own innovation lab, music studio, cafe and plenty of lounge space for ideating with your team. If Pasadena doesn’t like a hub of innovation compared say someplace like Santa Monica, think again. Here are just a few names you might recognize who operate or started in Pasadena:

  • Bill Gross’s IdeaLab
  • GreenDot
  • CalTech (the builder’s of the Mars Rover)
  • SpaceX
  • Overture (acquired by Yahoo)
  • OpenX
  • LeisureLink
  • Cooking.com
  • Picasa (acquired by Google)

Pasadena is also host to a thriving design and development community including Northeast Los Angeles User Experience group, LiveCode Developers, SDDG and more.

Of course, ONE400, USC Law School’s Innovation Lab, several law firms, and other legal tech experts will also be participating. Food and drinks will be provided throughout the weekend to make sure that people are sufficiently fueled to push through the weekend.

Confirmed speakers (will continue to update):

Confirmed judges:

  • Justin Szlasa, Founder Hubbard One (Acquired by Thompson) and IFDB.com

Confirmed mentors:

  • Adam Long, ONE400, UniCourt, LegalZoom, Praedicat

Ready to do it?

Great, you can register by clicking the link below:


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