Marketing your law firm can seem like a daunting task, but it does not need to be.  Here are some lawyer marketing tips to help you get started:

Set Your Lawyer Marketing Goals:

Figure out exactly what you need to improve – do you need more clients? More online exposure?  Having clear marketing goals will mean you have clear results to monitor.  Your business can have multiple desired outcomes, but select the single most important goal and run with it – you can always change your mind later!  Don’t make the mistake of setting too many goals, you will spread yourself too thin.

Setting goals also means figuring out who your target market is, and how to reach them.

Measure Your Results:

Make sure you evaluate your return on investment (ROI).  See what strategies worked for you, what failed and why.  If you are not measuring results, you might as well be throwing time and money away.

This can also be a great way to see which strategies are working, and which you can kick to the curb.  We recently had a client who wanted to increase their website’s conversion rate, but didn’t want a significant ad spend on social media.  We sent out 3 ads on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and were able to measure each social mediums unique ROI.  Using trackable URLs, we were able to see exactly how well each post performed.  We discovered each medium had a unique pro and a unique con:

  • Facebook: high exposure for the cheapest price, but a significantly lower conversion rate than Twitter or LinkedIn.
  • Twitter: high exposure, but in a super competitive market there was a relatively low brand recall.
  • LinkedIn: low exposure, high CPC, but the highest conversion.

This information was relatively cheap to obtain and easy to measure, and saved the company money in the long run.

Get A Second Opinion:

If you are unsure how your marketing is going, ask an agency that specializes in marketing for help.  They will be able to break down information, analyze metrics and explain measurable goals.  They will also be able to offer recommendations worth listening to.  We have had too many clients tell us their current marketing company was unavailable to them, never returning calls or emails.  You should be with an agency that is responsive to YOU – why else would you pay them?

Don’t Underspend on Your Marketing Budget:

You wouldn’t put low octane gas in a sports car, so why would you try and budget when it comes to your company’s performance?  Spend a significant amount of your gross revenue on marketing, or else you’re not really marketing.

Improve Your Online and Offline Presence:

Get out there and network! Find local meetups or associations that are good networking opportunities.  Trade associations are a great way to meet clients directly, and their meetings usually have cocktails – it’s a win, win.  We recommend focus groups to our clients, which are a lot of work  to organize but offer amazing insight into your brand or firm.

Reevaluate, Reevaluate, Reevaluate:

Your goals six months from now may not be the same.  It is important to check-in with your business and see if you are on track.  ONE400 recommends reevaluating once a month.

How you market yourself makes a huge difference between success and failure, and a well-qualified marketing company will have all of the tools to help you reach your goals.   Get in touch with our Pasadena lawyer marketing agency today to get started. 

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