Most law firms today recognize the role marketing plays in increasing the firm’s bottom line. But, recognizing the need for marketing is just the first step.  To make the most of your marketing investment, you also have to understand the best approach to marketing your firm. For many law firms, marketing is a sideline effort that gets squeezed into the cracks between practicing law and managing other aspects of the business. That hit-or-miss approach may create the occasional bump in calls—or even retained clients—but often results in wasted time and money.

Creating a marketing system for long-term sustainable growth is the best solution to getting consistent value from your marketing efforts.

Creating a Sustainable Law Firm Marketing System

Ultimately, a well-planned, coordinated marketing system will save your law firm time and money while generating higher quality leads and better conversions–all resulting in more revenue and less frustration. But, building and fine-tuning an effective marketing system takes time, research, the right tools, and perhaps professional assistance.

Know Where You’re Going

The first step toward creating a sustainable marketing system for your law firm is to establish goals. The importance of goal-setting may seem obvious, since you can’t determine the best route without knowing where you want to go. Many law firms skip over this step, however, assuming that a general goal such as “bring in more clients,” or “increase revenues” will suffice.

Marketing success is difficult when your goals are vague. Start with concrete goals such as:

  • Increase revenues by 15% over the next six months
  • Increase the number of new divorce clients per month by 10%

Next, break your goals down further into the building blocks that combine to generate higher revenues or more new clients. For example:

  • Increase the percentage of quality leads generated by 50%
  • Increase lead conversion by 20% over the next 90 days

Map Out Your Process

Create a plan for achieving each of the key goals you’ve established. For example, increasing the percentage of quality leads may mean shifting your advertising and other market efforts to channels that produce higher quality leads. Or maybe you’ll need to adjust your messaging to be more in line with the campaigns that have attracted the best leads in the past. Bringing in higher quality leads will help improve conversion, but lead quality is just one piece of the process. You may also choose to change your marketing flow for following up on leads, or introduce a lead nurturing campaign.

Assess and Adjust Your Marketing System

No matter how much assessment of past data and planning you do, be prepared to reassess and make changes. The most effective marketing plans have room for continual measurement and adjustment. Establishing goals and putting a strategy in place to achieve those goals is just the beginning. The next step is to monitor and assess your law firm marketing system from beginning to end, examining more than overall success.

The most effective marketing system is effective at every stage. That means, at a minimum:

  • Generating high quality leads
  • Minimizing the cost of acquisition of those leads
  • Maximizing conversion of the highest-value leads
  • Maximizing lifetime value of the client
  • Encouraging repeat business and referrals

If one step in the process isn’t working well, it can break the whole system. Collecting and analyzing data is critical to each step of your marketing efforts and must be built into your system from the beginning.

Return on Your Law Firm Marketing Investment

If creating an effective and efficient law firm marketing plan sounds daunting, consider the benefits. When you think about marketing ROI, chances are you’re considering only the marketing spend and revenues generated. But, your marketing investment requires dedicating more time and effort. To maximize your ROI, be prepared to spend the time to strategize, gather data, assess, and adjust, or consider hiring someone to do that work. You may be surprised to discover how a marketing system with consistent analysis and adjustment will have a direct and positive impact on lead conversion and revenues.

One-400 helps law firms create and implement effective marketing systems. If you’re ready to improve lead quality and increase revenues through a customized, data-driven approach to marketing, we can help.


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