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Law Firm Advertising

Many paid advertising campaigns fall short because they target legal keywords and content that most consumers just aren’t familiar with. At ONE400, we spend time learning about your target audience before launching any campaign. We then determine the keywords that shape the content that your audience is using to search for and acquire legal services.

We then build an optimized campaign that will send traffic to a custom landing page designed to convert visitors into leads. We track calls and web form contacts for your campaign, and use this data to optimize your campaign and lower your overall advertising cost.


Define your audience and research your competitors.


Setup your campaign, landing pages and data tracking.


Evaluate performance, then adjust accordingly.


We spend time researching your target audience’s psychographics and demographics. We’ll also take a look at the competitive landscape to identify opportunities to exploit for your benefit. Armed with this information, we move quickly to implementation.


With a robust keyword inventory that was developed during our discovery phase, we develop the design collateral and launch your campaigns in Adwords or on social media. For each campaign we design a landing page with copy that is relevant to the search terms of prospective clients.


Once we set everything in motion, we manage your campaigns on a weekly basis using data to look for optimization opportunities that increase conversions and lower your costs. We’ll share our finding and performance reports with you on a monthly basis.

ONE400 set up a paid advertising campaign with Google for me. The return has been overwhelming, I am very happy with the leads and clients I have received.


We’ve demonstrated our expertise.

ONE400 is a Google certified Adwords and Analytics partner. That means we have met certain requirements such as minimum education, several thousands of dollars in monthly ad spend management, and performance. As a partner, we have additional support from Google staffers to make sure that your campaigns are always performing at their optimum levels.

Law Firm Advertising

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Quick and effective campaigns that secure leads.
We know that quality leads are what you want. We work tirelessly to launch targeted campaigns so that prospective clients see your ads on Google and social media. We are also known for our highly effective remarketing campaigns so that you recapture existing site visitors who have not already contacted you.


Show off your knowledge and expertise to those that matter.
Your firm generates a lot of thought leadership content. We can take that content and make sure it reaches the right people. Audience targeting on Linkedin and Twitter allows you to reach GCs and other C-suite executives that should be hearing about your subject matter expertise on a regular basis.


Acquiring clients is what you and your investors want.
In order to help you gain market share, we work tirelessly to launch targeted campaigns that will fill your pipeline. We are also known for our remarketing techniques so that people that have expressed interest in your services are continually reminded that they should contact you.


Quick and effective campaigns that lead to securing a plaintiff.
We know that time is of the essence when you come up with a good case theory. We launch paid campaigns within 24 hours on Google Adwords and social media. That leaves you more time to file and beat out your competitors.

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