For those of you who follow our blog regularly you’ll know that we are big fans of Evolve Law (full disclosure, we are also sponsors). Why do we love Evolve Law, pretty simply because the content they share with the legal industry is on point and helpful and provides a venue for keeping an open dialogue about the future of law. Evolve Law hosts events throughout the country and provides information on a variety of topics related to technology, design, artificial intelligence, business models and practice trends all happening in the legal industry.


Next month Evolve Law is making it’s way back to Los Angeles and members of the ONE400 team will be there as usual. ONE400 Co-Founder, Eva Hibnick, will be discussing, what law firms of the future will look like. We will also have some other team members there to talk about how we help law firms be a part of that future. So if you have a desire to look into a crystal ball and see how technologies and changes in consumer behavior are going to impact your work as a lawyer, we HIGHLY recommend that you stop on by to learn what various thought leaders in our field have to say about the subject. If that was a compelling enough sell, then come to build to mingle with other attorneys, build your network and take advantage of the great food and drinks that will be served up in abundance.


You can register for the event right on our site.

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