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Ideation, market research, product demand testing or strategy, we’ve got you covered.


Consulting is often the right place to start for law firms or startups. This is especially the case when you are simply exploring an idea, need help determining an appropriate course of action, or have hit an obstacle that is keeping you from taking the next steps. Our creative team has often provided inspiration and market research for in house marketers, entrepreneurs, and lawyers working on or exploring new initiatives. As a team we are capable of helping with everything from ideation to full execution.


Find out your needs and survey the landscape.


Provide the tools and the roadmap for your success.


Times change so your firm’s strategy must evolve too.


The best way for us to help with your business initiatives is to find out what you want to accomplish. Armed with this information, we conduct marketing research and explore your competitive landscape. Finally, we’ll put together a report that will help you reach your goals.


After we’ve surveyed the landscape, you will receive a detailed strategy proposal. Your internal team would then be responsible for implementing these actionable items. However, our experienced team will always be available to help should your team need more hands on deck.


In a dynamic and ever-changing market, ONE400 does not believe in stagnant campaigns. Unlike other marketing firms, we don’t have a set-it-and-forget-it mentality. We constantly monitor results and will make suggestions or changes to the strategy based on data to optimize your campaign over time.

Consulting with ONE400 helped me understand the power of legal plans and gave me confidence to build a platform for creatives. They really helped me narrow my vision into actionable steps.


Alternative Business Model

Counsel for Creators wanted to improve cash flow and create recurring revenue for their firm. After coming to us for ideas, we suggested creating a legal plan. After helping them construct a pricing model and benefits plan, they launched the Creators’ Legal Program. They now have a number of subscribers and adding more every month.

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Explore new ways to create revenue.
As a solo, it can sometimes be hard to increase your revenue without decreasing time with family or doing things you love. We can help you look at things differently and provide ideas on hitting revenue targets without decreasing your free time.


Fresh ideas from an outsider’s perspective.
In house teams often find difficulty in pushing through new initiatives that they know will work. Having a 3rd party pitch an initiative and demonstrate its potential success is sometimes all it takes to move a committee towards approval. Let ONE400 help you shine.


Optimize and grow more quickly.
Don’t understand why your conversions are low? Need to make the product/app stickier? Can’t figure out why attorneys or consumers don’t get it? That’s where we come in. ONE400 has a depth of understanding of how users acquire and purchase legal services. We can help improve all of your most important KPI’s.


Setup a scalable marketing and advertising structure.
Class actions firms often have to move quickly and discretely when investigating a potential class case. ONE400 can help you setup a marketing and advertising structure that allows you to utilize your in-house experience, work with vendors, or a combination of the two. Our solutions can save you money, all while quickly getting you the plaintiffs you are looking for.

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