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Helping a Law Firm Grow Beyond Word of Mouth Referrals

Jason Martin, the owner-operator of the Martin Law Firm in Pennsylvania, realized that if he wanted to grow his business beyond word of mouth referrals, that he would need to invest in marketing. ONE400 worked with the Martin Law Firm to perform an ROI analysis. We examined factors like budget, size of the firm, timeframe, goals, content condition, client location, and current leads generated to identify the most efficient way for the firm to use their marketing budget. The ROI analysis uncovered significant opportunities to bring new business from organic search keywords that had large amounts of monthly search volume, but that the martin law firm was not showing up for on page 1. We concluded that focusing on SEO (search engine optimization) would net the most significant returns for the firm.

Google’s search algorithm dictates the majority of content viewed online because it organizes which content shows up near the top of the Google search results page. The algorithm frequently changes, it is always geared to favor content that gives users the best experience.


Generate More Leads

Much of the content on The Martin Law Firm’s site was suffering com keyword cannibalization (competing with itself), it was thin (not enough text, details, comprehensive explanations, etc.), and lacked rich media. These content issues were weighing down the firm’s overall rankings and hurting the firm by virtually removing core practice areas from potential clients radar. We knew that to start moving the firm up in Google’s rankings, we would need to audit the content to find out what pages were working well, which ones needed to be improved, and which ones were dragging the site down.

Overhauling content to appease Google’s search algorithm has the added benefit of making it easier to read and more relevant to potential clients, thus improving the chance that potential clients will read web content, fill out contact forms and convert. At ONE400 we write and optimize for conversion.
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Identify Problems and Roll Out Solutions

We wanted to start making an impact on the firm’s bottom line as soon as possible we created a plan and went about rolling it out as quickly as possible:

  • Identified content that could be optimized to help the firm steadily improved its rankings and content that can be trimmed to streamline site navigation.
  • Selected relevant high traffic keywords for each of the firm’s core practice areas and went about reworking content to include those terms.
  • Google’s ranking algorithms are designed to reward material that is easy to read and has value for users. To appease Google’s algorithm, we improved content throughout the site.
  • Built high quality and relevant links to key pages to provide high impact contact with even more lift.
  • Optimize pages we identified as converters, so they would start climbing up Google’s search rankings.
  • Performed a sitemap restructure that took into account SEO, user navigation, and conversion rate optimization (CRO).
  • Implemented technical SEO improvements to the website

Performing all these actions in unison, shorted the time between when we started our efforts and when the firms started to see measurable results.  

Google’s algorithm rewards content that takes into account mobile web browsing and penalizes content that doesn’t translate well to a mobile device. To appease Google’s algorithm, when we revamp content, we adopt a mobile-first mentality, that means:

  • Creating headers, so viewers can easily navigate content.
  • Dividing up paragraphs into smaller sections, so it’s easier for people to read on a handheld device, and increase time on page.
  • Adding relevant images to break up content.


Built to Last

The strategy that  ONE400 implemented for the Martin Law  Firm helped the firm increase its lead generation by over 30%. In addition, the firm saw a jump in its peak users from around 430 to over 800. The average daily visitors to the site increased by 200%. The firm now ranks near the top of Google’s search results pages for terms relevant to their services in the Perisylvian area.   Unlike running PPC campaigns organically improving content on the site will continue to pay dividends into the future.



ONE400 was very accommodating to my questions and concerns throughout the entire process. They sent me monthly progress report videos, took the time to explain their decision making to me, and were always ready to hear my input.

Jason Martin

Owner Martin Law Firm

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