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When clients know and trust you, they retain you.


Your brand will greatly affect how potential and existing clients will perceive and connect with you. Because of that, your brand must be well thought out and reflect your business’s mission and values. At ONE400, we help businesses think about what they stand for then help them create a brand that encompasses those values. Whether you need help choosing a business name, developing a visual representation of your brand (logo) or, creating a brand guide that includes copywriting tone, logo use, and other information for vendors, ONE400 can help.

DISCOVERYWe learn what makes your firm unique.

DEVELOPWe create a visual representation of your firm.

EXECUTEWe position your firm around a unique brand.


Many firms come to us without any idea of how they want to position their law firm, or a complete unfamiliarity with aesthetic design. We bridge the gap between creative and professional, conceptualizing a brand that sticks with clients and consumers.


We distinguish law firms aesthetically from the rest of their competition. We design with your firm and target market in mind. Our branding will resonate with the types of clients you want to work with.


Whether you need a logo, website, or brochure, we can make sure your firm’s branding is consistent across the board. Your brand will be instantly memorable and recognizable, strengthening client loyalty and referrals.

ONE400 was amazing to work with. They started with only our business concept and created the sophisticated branding and bowtie logo we now have. Everyone we talk to has been incredibly impressed with our look. ONE400 went above and beyond in helping us launch our services and presenting them to the public.


A new brand for a big debut.

The Law Store came to us with an existing logo and we knew it had to change. We wanted to create a brand that was friendly, warm, and approachable, without sacrificing professional sophistication. Our team worked relentlessly in creating the famous bowtie logo The Law Store is known for today.

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Help Your Law Firm Stick Out From Competitors.
No matter your practice areas, you can count on stiff competition. If you’re a solo, you can’t afford to lose business to other firms, and we can help create a dynamic visual that resonates with your ideal client.


Brand guidelines will help you manage your reputation across locations.
These two types of law firms have their own unique branding challenges. ONE400 has experience with branding campaigns for both and can translate that to your firm’s success.


A perfect product needs a perfect brand.
Legal Tech is the future, and your company’s branding should follow suit. Every piece of promotional material you produce should have a consistent brand, logo, and innovative aesthetic.


Be known for protecting the rights of the injured.
Class action law firms often succeed or fail based on their reputation. A highly effective brand strategy could be the difference in whether or not you get those highly sought-after case referrals.

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