1. Support Your Legal Tech Community!

Having more of the legal industry support legal tech companies is always the ultimate goal. The more we talk about legal tech startups, the more adoption amongst attorneys will follow!

2. The alt.legal Judges are Awesome

The panel includes the Executive Director of Stanford, several well-known legal tech founders, and a former managing partner of Orrick. Here’s the full list:

3. Bring Attention to Your Startup

In the legal industry, it is often tough for startups to get off the ground due to the difficulty of selling new products and technology to law firms. The bigger the law firm you are selling to, the more bureaucratic the process becomes. Typically those in charge of adopting new technologies for the firms are more comfortable going with companies that they have heard of, or know that other firms of their caliber/size are using. So how do startups come out on top? By getting recognition from publications like Above The Law and by winning awards like the alt.legal Innovation Award 🙂
Winning awards and getting written up provides you with the validation you need to go make that sale to the large firms.

4. Compete With Other Legal Tech Startups

Full disclosure, ONE400 is a nominee! However, if we win, we want to win because we are the best, not because not enough legal tech startups applied – so, please apply!

Submit your legal tech startup by September 12th. To learn more about the requirements of submission and how to submit your startup, click here.

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