The Legal Tech industry is burgeoning. Lawyers, academics and even non legal industry professionals are taking notice. Below are 5 people who are making waves in the legal tech industry in 2014.

Daniel Lewis, CEO of Ravel Law Ravel

Daniel Lewis, CEO of Ravel Law Ravel, enables users to engage with legal data and adds a visual element to show users how cases are connected. For all you lawyers out there, think of it as a cooler, aesthetically pleasing, fun to play with Shepard’s Citations.  It should come as no surprise that Daniel is a Stanford Law grad and a fellow at Codex, Stanford’s Center for Legal Informatics and a hotbed for legal tech startups.

Jake Heller, CEO of Casetext

Jake Heller, CEO of Casetext, is a recent graduate of Y Combinator and already moving mountains in the legal space. Casetext is  like Quora for lawyers, providing the legal community with user generated annotations of cases and judicial opinions. If you are a lawyer or law student, the value of this service is no doubt invaluable.

Jeff Reynold, Founder of Wevorce

Jeff Reynold, Founder of Wevorce. Awesome founding team. Great company. Wevorce strives to make divorce easier to swallow for families by providing counselors to deal with the emotional rollercoaster, as well as legal and financial advisors to help you and your family during the process. Wevorce believes in decreasing the cost of divorce by adopting a mediation model.

Abe Geiger, CEO of Shake Law

Abe Geiger, CEO of Shake Law. This is one company that has successfully been shaking up the legal industry! Shake Law takes on a mobile approach with an app that enables users to create, sign and send contracts. Their target market is entrepreneurs and they are used by many in the NYC tech community.

Jonathan Askin, Brooklyn Law Incubator & Policy (BLIP)

Jonathan Askin, Brooklyn Law Incubator & Policy (BLIP). Jonathan is a real asset to the tech community in NYC. He founded BLIP in 2008 at Brooklyn Law School where he is a professor. BLIP is a fantastic program that enables law students to get involved in the startup community by providing legal and strategic advice to burgeoning companies.

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