There is a lot of information out there about law firm SEO, social media and pay per click advertising. While these 3 methods for law firm advertising have proven effective, there are several other marketing channels that are just as useful, and often ignored. It’s important to remember that most effective law firm marketing strategies are comprehensive, and incorporate several channels. Having a integrated marketing approach for your law firm ensures a steady pipeline of prospects to make sure that your case flow remains consistent. To help you build a more comprehensive strategy, here are 3 of my favorite marketing channels that are often underutilized by law firms.

Email Marketing for Law Firms

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways of driving sales both from new clients as well as existing ones. Popular email services Mailchimp has published some data that supports email works well in the legal industry. You can find a list of open and click through rates here: Email Marketing Benchmarks.

While some prospects may retain a law firm after the initial consultation, many clients take longer to sign on. If you capture email as part of your intake process you can help nudge those that are on the fence about hiring you. Most importantly, if someone doesn’t retain right away, you can, and should, send them a follow up email the same day you’ve met with them. The email should contain a summary of how you can help, and the unique advantages your law firm brings to the prospect’s legal issue.

In addition to sending an initial follow up email, your firm should set up what’s called a “drip campaign” for all prospects that have not yet retained your firm. A drip campaign is a series of automated emails that are scheduled to be delivered at various time intervals. Here is a sample of drip campaign; the titles used should provide ideas about the content:

  • Day 1 – Summary of initial meeting and thank you.
  • Day 3 – We have not heard from you.
  • Day 7 – Can we answer any additional questions.
  • Day 15 – Time is important when it comes to legal matters.
  • Day 30 – Checking in to see if all is okay.
  • Day 60 – Add them to your quarterly newsletter.

A drip campaign can and should be automated, so it has little impact on your time. There are several great services out there that provide this functionality. ONE400’s favorite is Mailchimp.

Marketing Engineering Tools

Marketing engineering is used to simplify a client’s decision making when purchasing services.  This tool is a great way to help drive potential client traffic to your website, and create a more streamlined client experience. There are several ways engineering as marketing can be deployed — for instance, a personal injury or bankruptcy attorney can use calculators to help drive traffic to their website. Here is a great example of a Child & Spousal Support calculator.  Additionally, any attorney can use an online scheduler to allow prospective business to make appointments with his firm even when the staff is unavailable. Here are some examples:

Most of these tools can be deployed on your own site with minimal investment and are a great way to set yourself apart from your competition.

Public Relations for Law Firms

Public relations is more than just landing TV spots. It can also be used to obtain guest blogging opportunities on popular online magazines such as Huffington Post. Those high value guest blogging opportunities are a great way to show your authority on a given subject while driving traffic back to your website. Additionally, there is plenty of newsworthy work that attorneys do on a regular basis. Being featured in a local news outlet or a trade journal can have a fantastic impact on your SEO strategy, and highlight your law firm’s brand. We had our own PR specialist, Howard Breuer, work with us and shortly after we were covered by The additional site traffic that has resulted from our own PR efforts have provided a substantial return on investment.

As you plan your marketing strategies for the coming year, be sure to be as comprehensive as possible within your budget. Be sure to consider these three fairly underutilized marketing channels to be sure that your brand gets the maximum exposure as possible.  If you would like help with your marketing strategy, please contact ONE400 – we are here to help.

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