2014 is starting to look pretty exciting in the legal industry. I am guessing that this year we will be seeing lots more dot coms added to the list of those already hoping to be the next ground breaking disruption for lawyers. For the sake of tracking them, I wanted to put together a comprehensive of list of those that I have been able to identify and share with you all.

While most of the startups listed here are the more common enhanced directory services, or lead generation aggregators, there are several that aim to provide services to the industry that are far more narrow in scope. I have tried to break the list down into three categories of startups:

  1. Attorney Directories
  2. Do it yourself offerings
  3. Other (e.g., lead generation for lawyers, or law innovation)

Some of you may say that not all of the companies listed are startups and you would be absolutely correct. Some of the companies listed here are well established incumbents that have been online for at least a number of years. However, I didn’t want to draw too fine a line and decided that for the sake of this list, if you are not a law firm and you are providing some legal services online, then I am considering you a legal startup.

If you know of a legal startup that is not listed here, please share it in the comments or send an email to [info]@one-400.com so we can get them into the list. Enjoy.

Attorney Directories:

Do It Yourself Offerings:

Other Legal Startups

As we move further into 2014 I am sure this list will continue to evolve so be sure to bookmark this post and check back for updates. You could also DM us at @one_400.

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